We frequently hold public events about trade. Check back here to find out what’s coming up

How to engage

We are keen to respond to New Zealanders' concerns and interests around trade agreements. You can contact us about any trade agreement at any time.

Contact FTA_Outreach@mfat.govt.nz

Recent meetings

Public meetings were held in Dunedin, Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton between 4-7 December 2017 to discuss the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and other current and upcoming trade negotiations.

This was a chance to learn more about New Zealand's trade agreements directly from our negotiators, and for New Zealanders to convey their concerns and interests to the government.

A large portion of each meeting was set aside for Q&A and views expressed will be reported to Ministers for their consideration.

The sessions were well attended by members of the public, civil society groups, and New Zealand businesses.

Previous meetings

Public meetings were held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on 20 June, 22 June, 26 June and 4 July 2017.

The meetings included updates on:

  • the upgrade of the New Zealand-China free trade agreement
  • the prospective New Zealand and European Union free trade agreement
  • the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP11)
  • the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
  • the recently concluded PACER Plus agreement with Australia and Pacific Island partners

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