New Zealand Permanent Mission to the World Trade Organisation

HE Dr David Walker: Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organisation

James Brown: Deputy Permanent Representative

Charlotte Frater: First Secretary (Services, Dispute Settlement, Government Procurement, Environment, Development, Accessions)

David Reid: First Secretary (Agriculture, Fisheries Subsidies, SCM, SPS)

Kate Swan: Second Secretary (Non-Agricultural Goods, Trade Facilitation, Intellectual Property, Rules, TBT, Trade Policy Reviews)

Claire Juhel, Administration Manager

David Anderson: Executive Assistant

New Zealand Permanent Mission to the United Nations, the Conference on Disarmament and Other International Organisations

HE Jillian Dempster New Zealand Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva

HE Dell Higgie, Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament (Wellington-based)

Jarrod Clyne, Deputy Permanent Representative (Human Rights)

Katy Donnelly, First Secretary (Disarmament)

Lucy Richardson, Senior Policy Adviser (UN Agencies & Environment)

Vacant, Policy Adviser (Humanitarian)

Sandi Albert, Executive Assistant

New Zealand Consulate General in Geneva

Consul General: HE Jillian Dempster