Our planned aid expenditure

The Government sets the overall budget for the New Zealand Aid Programme on a three-yearly basis, known as a triennium.

New Zealand’s International Development Cooperation is funded by an appropriation within Vote Foreign Affairs.  MFAT organises the funding into five allocation groups, and within this into 23 ‘four-year plans’. 

Allocations for each four-year plan are managed over a three-year period. Over this period, there is flexibility to move funds into and between four-year plans in order to respond to rapidly changing contexts (for example the onset of COVID-19).

This table sets out the approved funding for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2024 by allocation group and four-year plan. MFAT will update this page with any changes over the course of the three year period.

International Development Cooperation approved allocations 2021-24

Allocation group & four-year plan 2021-24 approved allocations (NZD millions)
Pacific Development Cooperation 1,353.02
Pacific Regional[1] 301.64
Cook Islands 75.54
Niue 79.64
Tokelau 65.12
Samoa 97.24
Tonga 100.34
Tuvalu 49.59
Fiji 103.49
Kiribati 82.79
Nauru 20.16
North Pacific 18.62
Papua New Guinea 133.90
Solomon Islands 124.20
Vanuatu 100.76
Global Development Cooperation 367.49
Africa 39.80
ASEAN 224.00
Latin America & Caribbean 18.55
Other Asia 30.50
Timor Leste 54.64
Humanitarian Assistance 140.00
Humanitarian 140.00
Multilateral Agencies and Partnerships 464.38
Multilateral Agencies 370.00
Partnerships 94.38
Other Funds 212.00
MERL 24.00
Strategic International Development Fund (not a 4 year plan) 188.00
Grand Total 2,536.89

[1] The Pacific Regional Four Year Plan includes expenditure for truly regional projects that cannot be aligned to specific countries, such as core funding of Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific (CROP) agencies.

*Updated 21 June 2021


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