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Passports and Emergency Travel Documents

Only the Department of Internal Affairs passport offices in London, Sydney or New Zealand can issue a passport. An online passport renewal service is now available at link) for eligibility, timeframes and frequently asked questions.

If you need to travel urgently and don't have a valid passport please see link).

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

Birth, name change, marriage and death certificates can be obtained from the Births, Deaths and Mariages Registry within the Department of Internal Affairs.

Please see link)

Document Authentication and Apostille Certification

Before certain New Zealand documents can be used overseas, Document Authentication or apostille certification may be necessary. It is usually required where overseas officials are not able to determine on sight the authenticity of New Zealand documents. To check the requirements, contact the relevant authorities in the country concerned or their overseas representatives. The process varies depending on the document type and country requirements and can only be done in Wellington by the Authentications Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs(external link) (DIA). An e-apostile is also available.

Obtaining a copy of your driver's license history

The NZ Transport Agency can provide you with a 'Certificate of Particulars' outlining all details relevant to your New Zealand licence, including license number, issue date, classes, endorsements and conditions.

A history of demerit points and suspensions can also be requested.

Please see link).

Obtaining a copy of your criminal record

Sometimes when you apply to travel to or live in another country you might be asked for a police clearance certificate. This can also be called a police record, police file, police check, penal check or criminal check.

In New Zealand this is referred to as your criminal record (or criminal conviction history). There is no such document as a police clearance certificate in New Zealand.

If you're outside of New Zealand and need your criminal record, please go to link).


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