Each year the New Zealand High Commission is allocated a limited number of invitations or tickets for New Zealand citizens to attend Royal Events in the United Kingdom.




Information on how and when to apply for Royal Events will appear on this page when details are known.      

Due to the limited number of invitations or tickets available, the High Commission runs an electronic ballot for all events. Applications can only be made through this website via an online form. 

The results of every ballot are final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding its outcome.

Royal Garden Parties

Buckingham Palace - Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
Buckingham Palace - Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Applications for invitations to attend the 2019 Royal Garden Parties have closed.

Successful applicants will be notified by email by Friday 15 February.

In addition to checking your Inbox, applicants are strongly advised to check their Spam and Junk Mail.

This year the Royal Garden Parties will be held on Wednesday 15 May, Tuesday 21 May and Wednesday 29 May at Buckingham Palace, London.

Applicants are reminded that:

  • The availability of invitations is a discretionary service granted by the Palace to the New Zealand community.   
  • The High Commission is required to check against previous attendance records.  If an applicant or their guest is found to have attended previously, their applications will be automatically deleted including for their guests.  
  • Successful applicants will have their information sent to Buckingham Palace for the purpose of creating the invitation.
  • All invitations will need to be collected in person by the successful applicants and their guests from New Zealand House on the day of their Garden Party between 11am and 2pm. 
  • Invitations are strictly non-transferable once they have been allocated.  If the applicant or guest is unable to attend, no one else can use the invitation, or go in their place.  Applicants and their guests cannot attend on a different day.
  • The High Commission will not enter into any discussion over the allocation of invitations to this event.
  • In addition to the invitation, attendees will be required to take two forms of identification to the Garden Party.  One must be a valid passport, or photo driver licence, or armed forces ID card or credit card with photo.  The other must contain the current residential address, such as a utility bill or bank statement.
  • The dress code for men attending Royal Garden Parties is morning dress or service uniform; however a dark lounge suit is also acceptable. 
  • The dress code for women is a day dress with hat, or service uniform. Trousers are not normally worn. Gloves are optional.
  • By submitting an application you have consented for personal information entered in the online form to be collected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and held on a third party website for the purpose of application for the ballot for the 2019 Buckingham Palace Garden Parties and will only be used for the purposes related to, or arising from, this activity.  The Keeper of the Privy Purse is the data controller responsible for processing this personal data on behalf of the Royal household.  This organisation complies with the Data Protection Act 2018. If you would like more information, please see the Royal Household Privacy Notice at www.royal.uk/privacy-policy (external link)  

Queen's Birthday Parades - Trooping the Colour

Trooping the Colour

Ticket applications for both Queens’ Birthday Parades – The Colonel’s Review and Trooping the Colour – have now closed. 

Successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive an email notification by Friday 29 March 2019.   Please check your Junk or Spam folders. 

Please note that this ballot was for seated tickets at Horse Guards Parade.  The public may watch the parade to and from Buckingham Palace without a ticket from standing space along its route.  Further information about the parade is available at The Household Division (external link) (external link)

Each year, the New Zealand High Commission receives a small allocation of tickets for the two Queen's Birthday Parade ceremonies which we make available by public ballot for New Zealanders visiting or resident in the United Kingdom.  

The parades are The Colonel's Review, which is the final dress rehearsal, and Trooping the Colour, which the Queen attends.  Both events are run by The Household Division (external link) (external link) - the seven British Army Regiments serving her Majesty.  

Both events commence around 10.00am in Horse Guards Parade between Whitehall and St James’s Park, London.  Guests will be instructed to arrive earlier in order to be seated in time.  The events last approximately two hours and finish at approximately 12.30pm.    

Trooping the Colour on Saturday 8 June is also broadcast live on BBC Television in the UK with a fly-past at 1pm. 

Successful applicants are reminded that:

  • In addition to your ticket, you will be required to take valid government issued identification with you to the parade.  For example, passport, photo driving licence, credit card with photo, or armed forces ID card.  You will need to produce this ID if requested.
  • All names and addresses submitted must match each guest’s form of identification.  
  • All guests may be subject to search by the police and are requested not to bring hand luggage such as daypacks to the function.
  • The principal applicant will be responsible for the behaviour of their guest.
  • Dress Code Men: 
    The Colonel’s Review – Lounge Suit or Jacket and Trousers.  No denim.
    Trooping the Colour – Morning Dress, a lounge suit, or jacket and trousers.  Military personnel may wear ceremonial Day or other Service equivalent.  No denim.  
    Hats are optional, but recommended especially in hot weather.
  • Dress Code Women:
    Most women wear a smart day dress, skirt and top, or a trouser suit for the parades.
    Military personnel may wear ceremonial Day or other Service equivalent.  No denim.
    Hats are optional, but recommended especially in hot weather.
  • Non-compliance with the dress code may result in the ticket-holder being refused entry.
  • More information about the event can be found on www.householddivision.org.uk/trooping-the-colour (external link)

PHOTO CREDIT: ©Official Site of The Household Division www.householddivision.org.uk (external link)